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Hello! My name is Tomasz Buczeń and I am specialised in creating websites, web applications and e-commerce platforms. For every day programming I use mostly PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL. I also use C# in some other projects. In all my accumulated expereience I have been working as customer service I was making project time estimations. I was working in international teams, also remotely. In the pursuit of technical news, I am attending events such as hackathons where I have menaged to led a team of developers for a few times now.


JavaScript 70%

Symfony Framework 90%

PHP & MySQL 90%

GIT 70%

C# & Unity 40%

Java & ADT 30%

Linux (Ubuntu) & Shell Scripting 70%

AWS & Docker & Terraform 55%


  • 2022.02 - now


    Fullstack Developer

    Refactoring of code, working with Symfony 5, PHP 8, DDD, Writing integrations with Xero, ChurnZero and custom ones.

  • 2021.04 - 2022.01


    Back-end Developer

    Working with Symfony, writing API integrations, experimenting with ApiPlatform & GraphQL, writing Open-Source plugins for Sylius

  • 2018.01 - now

    Back-end Developer

    Improving and maintaining Amazon Web Services Architecture of dedicated projects. Writing and designing API and projects architecture.
    Updating CRM's and simplifying workflow. Running interviews. I was technical leader for few months, taking care of small 3 person team.
    Responsible for sprint planning, time estimations, meeting witch clients. On site help with interactive projects for brand such as Jaguar.
    Working remotely at the moment on B2B contract.

  • 2015 - 2018

    Freelance - URIAS


    Own "one-man-army" business established for the ability to work with many clients.

    Time estimation, pricing and creation of dedicated web applications, mobile games, CMS, eCommerce systems, backend & server architecture, devops.
    Writing web crawlers and data parsers from affiliate networks.
    Designing application architecture, talking with customers about requirements, and working with the rest of the developer teams in bigger projects.

  • 2015.05 - 2016.08

    PHP Developer

    Development of online stores belonging to the group (,, Working in SCRUM model.
    Creating new functionalities and refactoring already existing in the internal framework with the Domain-driven design approach. Very neat and standardized flow of tasks thanks to reliable job descriptions and testers support.
    Writing functional tests in Java (Cucumber). Making extension of REST API for mobile version of site (written in ZEND 2) I have done first working version of PC parts configurator.

  • 2014.07 - 2015.04

    ESC S.A.

    Junior PHP Developer

    Development, service and integration of copyrighted E-Commerce and CMS systems based on Symfony framework.
    Creating database architecture and dedicated applications. Patches for older systems written in Zend Framework (1 & 2).
    IT Customer Service, app pricing. As my manager said - it was like throwing me in at the deep end.
    At the end of my work there I was the only backend developer that had to take all fo the projects on myself. Due to unfair level of salary compared to level of responsibility, I decided to leave.

  • 2013.10

    ESC S.A.

    Web Developer Practice

    Professional practice during my study at ZSŁ. The very beginnings with Symfony 2. Writing simple scripts in PHP + JavaScript. Created the first "decent" static page. Get acquainted with the versioning systems and embrace many other basic aspects of WebDeveloper's work.


  • 2016.10 - now (2020)

    Higher School of IT and Economics (WSEI)

    Game Development Specialisation

    My second approach to studying. Lured by the sexy name of newly opened field of study which is "Designing and creating computer games" I have signed up to WSEI. Currently, in the second semester, studying extramurally, I can safely say that the level of teaching and the approach of lecturers are excellent. From the basics of programming in C # through SQL to Web Development. By choosing GameDev specialization, I was keen to broaden my horizons and push forward my current development of a game that is for now stuck due too inability to rip all the participants in it. Currently I am holding position of vice president of students parliament.

  • 2015.10 - 2016.02

    Cracow University of Technology


    At Cracow University of Technology I managed to withstand almost whole semester. Weekly conferences, the level of teaching oscillating at the beginning of 00's, and lecturer's not really involved in they're work have exonerated me from further studying.

  • 2013.01

    Website Developmnet Course 80h


    The course, which I enrolled into with the help of pedagogs from ZSŁ. During 10 meetings each lasting 8h, we were presented with the basics of building simple web applications. HTML version 4.01, pure JavaScript and PHP with database support. At the end of the course with the presented knowledge, we know how to build a very simple blog application. I have managed to complete the course with the best result.

  • 2010.09 - 2014.05

    Technichal High School of Communication Technology (ZSŁ)

    Web Applications Specialisation

    After graduating from junior high school I was already sure thate I want to be associated with programming in the future. ZSŁ as the annual prize winner in the ranking of the best post-gymnasium schools was a great choice. So I began my programming adventure in 2010 from scratch, frst in Pascal, going through desktop applications written in C++ and Java. First, written structurally, then switched to object oriented programming. With the choice of 4 specializations (graphics, networks, databases, applications), I have chosen applications - which were considered the most demanding by most of the students. After that, for the next 2 years I have learned how to build applications in Action Script 3, Adobe Flex and Java, both desktop and Android. For larger projects in the backend we have used C#. While building websites and web applications, PHP and JavaScript dominated.

Interests & Hobbys

In addition to the obvious interest in programming and learning new technologies, my hobbies include going on shooting range, playing basketball, climbing and playing billiards. I always take the opportunity to travel, I have had several major hitchhiking trips including few through Netherlands and Italy.

For past 5 years I was running karaoke parties in "Kulturalny" Club in Cracow at Szewska Street. Apart from receiving song reuests and managing the singing list, people often need to be motivated to act. For last few years I was trying to form a rock music project, currently I'm singing with a hardrock band in Tricity

As a fan of posapocalyptic vibes such as Madmax or Fallout I am a creator of many dystopian outfits and a post-apo LARP player. In addition to that, the rest of my free time is filled with meetings with friends. For me - the ultimate goal of life is self-improvement by acquiring as many unique experiences as possible, which I try to pursue.

  • Crafting dystopian outfits
  • Shooting
  • Playing games, larping
  • Sport
  • Karaoke and music
  • Travels
  • And of course... Programming!

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